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Don't you think that I'm in love with her now
She's just another face in the crowd
Even though she has a beautiful voice
But still she's someone that I don't know!
Living in her own-made up world
Dark and secret, for everybody out of reach
If you come close, she goes totally anarchic
How can I get to know her?
She's always so dissatisfied
Does not like anybody's good heart
And I pray here to every God I know
To give her a bit of decency!
But those eyes of hers-blue
Deep, expressive, so beautiful
Hairs-no so long but quite charming
And you can feel the ecstasy
Obsessed with this beauty
And you want her just for yourself, even for a hour
In an intimate way…
Oh, my friend unknown,
Maybe your words aren't really lies
It seems I'm dragged in this circle with no end
And without her my heart will never mend.
BAD TRANSLATION: The original poem was written in my home language and in my attempt to translate it the rhyme was lost...
Still I hope you like it and you get the idea ^^
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August 26, 2012
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